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Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions SGOIC

BancSabadell d’Andorra was established in Andorra in 2000 as a result of the alliance between the Banc Sabadell group and a consortium of Andorran business-owners.


Throughout these years, BSA has earned market share in Andorra based on its corporative values: solvency, trust and service.


The Bank’s corporate purpose is that of a banking establishment as defined in Article 8 of Law 7/2013, of 9 May, on the legal regime of the operating Entities of the Andorran financial system and other provisions that regulate the exercise of financial activities of the Principality of Andorra, recently amended by Law 35/2018, of 20 December, on solvency, liquidity and prudential supervision of banking entities and investment companies. In addition, it can also carry out complementary activities to the aforementioned purpose with the aim of improving its development.


Furthermore, the bank is the Entity that heads BancSabadell d’Andorra Group. The description of the consolidated companies of the BancSabadell d’Andorra Group in 2019 is as follows:


  • Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions, SGOIC, SAU. Management of investment agencies and of administration mandates
  • Assegurances Segur Vida, SAU. Insurance
  • Serveis de Mitjans de Pagaments XXI, SA (SERMIPA XXI). Services relating to the use of credit and debit cards and other means of payment.



Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions, SGOIC, SAU, is an Andorran company, incorporated on 23 November 2000, under the name of Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions, Societat Gestora SA. On 23 November 2010, its name was changed to the current one.


The Management Company’s operations are mainly subject to the requirements established by Law 10/2008, of 12 June, on the regulation of collective investment schemes of Andorran law and by Law 7/2013, of 9 May, on the legal regime of the operating Entities of the Andorran financial system and other provisions that regulate the exercise of financial activities in the Principality of Andorra.


The corporate purpose of the Management Company is to carry out asset and liability management activities, administrative management activities and activities related to the distribution and representation of investment agencies and their assets, and the custody and management of the holdings of the collective investment entities and, where applicable, of the shares of the investment companies it manages. On 23 November 2010, the activities of discretionary and individualised portfolio management and advisory services were included.


Mid 2020, we were asked to prepare a project that should end to create a new web for Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions, SGOIC.


We worked, during several months, on a project with different and consecutive phases:



Phase 1: Sector Benchmarking


With the main objective of detecting, analyzing and comparing best practices webs in our sector, we selected 5 USA sites and other 5 European (from Finland, UK, Holland, Austria) international asset managers sites, and we worked on compare several aspects:

  • their graphic differences.
  • their way to communicate.
  • their content and functionalities.
  • and their capacity to organize large amount of information visually.


At the end of this first Phase our recommendations were:

  • Highlight the digital graphic image. Be differentiating without forgetting the own bank image.
  • Generate confidence in communication and report in a clear and creative way.
  • Raise an easy and light navigation structure.
  • Prioritize the contents of the funds in a user-friendly way, using graphical support
  • A clear commitment to a value-added content policy, in order to improve the user experience.



Phase 2: Content structure


This phase has two main objectives:

  1. To define the content structure itself (sections and sub-sections’ content, Home content, footer content, featured sections…).
  2. To define the navigation hierarchy: which contents are presented in which level.



Phase 3: Wireframes design


This phase, previous to the design, is really relevant in order to visualize not only the Home of the site and its contents distribution, but all the sections and pages (text, images distribution, elements sizes, social media integration, use of graphics…).


Wireframes provide us with the framework in which to store both the visual design and the content elements, which helps to identify possible mistakes or gaps in our sitemap.


After the Wireframes design, we will work definitely on the design of all pages, that’s why each page in the site needs to have its own Wireframe designed.



Phase 4: Web design


To finish the creation of the web, we will go on to the elaboration of its visual style.

It is a part of the design process that is generally always conditioned by the elements previously existing in the brand, such as color options, typographies… In our case, yellow, black and white were the main colors (the brand uses black and yellow in its logo).



Phase 5: Web development & implementation


This is the last phase before the web launch.

From the layout of the design proposals, the necessary templates will be built to carry out the implementation, and the drivers and frontend and backend views will be programmed.


The phase contains several functionalities:

  1. Creation of the development environment: connection test (FTP, Database); installation and configuration of those plugins necessary for development; from the HTML template, creation of the WordPress theme and publication in the development environment.
  2. Programming the Home and other main pages (Most viewed Funds, Recommended Funds, Glossary, Contact, About Us, Philosophy…; Programming the communication protocol with external system for remote data queries; Test specific queries on external system.
  3. Programming the rest of the Pages (Trends, Heritage management, Investment Fund…, including listings, search engine / filters…; General web search engine programming; Programming dynamic graphics from the information obtained from communication with external system; and Programming calculators and simulators.

Branding, Digital, Graphic Design

Digital, Graphic Design, Web