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Petaca Chico

New packaging for the best Wild Bluefin Tuna



Petaca Chico is a leading company in the fishing sector with more than 30 years of experience; it is a benchmark in the world of Wild Bluefin Tuna from Almadraba, founded in 1993.


The brand is specialized in the commercialization of fresh fish, cephalopods, and other tuna. It currently markets in more than 25 countries, mainly through large stores and has 3 production plants with a total size of 20,000 m2 with -25º and -60º cold rooms distributed in the towns of Conil de la Frontera and Cádiz, in Andalusia.


The experience of two generations of fish merchants makes them leaders in the Andalusian fish export and import sector.



“The best Tuna, from Almadraba”


Petaca Chico sells the best Wild Bluefin Tuna from Almadraba de Barbate (Cádiz). In season it focuses its sale on fresh and throughout the rest of the year it distributes Almadraba Tuna deep-frozen at -60° maintaining all its properties and flavour.


The almadraba is a traditional fishing art, whose first news dates to the time of the Phoenicians. Following this art, bluefin tuna is caught through a complex system near the coast, which limits catches as few specimens reach there.


In addition, it is an art that is especially respectful of the environment, since it is the trap netters themselves, and they have been recognized as such, who are concerned with guaranteeing the rational and sustainable exercise of fishing, and with enforcing EU regulations on the conservation and sustainable exploitation of fishery resources.


Due to the growing popularity of almadraba tuna and the demand for products of this species in different markets and sectors, Petaca Chico has created the Almadraba de Petaca Chico brand, under which bluefin tuna is marketed.


In this brand, the word “Almadraba” represents the whole essence of a way of life, a sustainable traditional fishing art with the environment and a passion for the sea.


Almadraba de Petaca Chico has recently presented the line of Almadraba canned products made with bluefin tuna. The “Plato” or the “Tarantelo” stand out above all, two pieces that are widely used in the kitchen for their juiciness and flavour, and which are also combined with peppers and peas, a tradition that Petaca Chico has recovered from the past.


This new line of products of excellent quality and catalogued as premium includes a total of 5 parts of the tuna: “Cola blanca”, “Lomo”, “Ventresca”, “Tarantelo” and “Plato”.


All of these come with mild olive oil so as not to detract from the flavour of the fish.



New products in 2022


In the Spring of 2022, the company decides to launch two new products to the market:

  • A premium Wild Bluefin Tuna burger, under the brand Almadraba de Petaca Chico.
  • A Yellowfin Tuna burger, under the brand Petaca Chico Fish & Seafood Export.


And at Essential MK, we were asked to help them in the design of both packaging.


We worked on four strategic ideas:

  1. The name of the product is very clear in both packs, and it is situated in the centre, so the consumer receives the impact in a very clear way.
  2. Different colours for each product: we reinforced the premium wild bluefin tuna product by using the black, gold, and red colours, while we used the white, black, and red colours for the yellowfin burger. The difference is clear.
  3. The use of seamen images on the pack: in this case we tried to reinforce the most premium level of the wild bluefin tuna burger pack, by using an iconic and own image from the Almadraba traditional fishing art; for the yellowfin burger pack we used a grey seaman image, to focus the product on its sea origin.
  4. A stamp to reinforce one of the main product attributes, which is present in both products: “Contains Omega3”.



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