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NGP Projects

NGP Projects is the new generation of a company pioneer in plastic injection in our country, that dates to 1946,



Today, NGP Projects is a consolidated company with a clear international vision. They integrate all processes to provide the best service, since 2003. NGP Projects is one of the European benchmarks in the integration under one roof of product engineering, technical development of parts, mould manufacturing, injection, and plastic decoration.


This new generation is currently leading a project that integrates the different packaging disciplines, which allows them to integrate different companies into the same group and has as its epicentre the comprehensive service to their client.


They offer the design of the plastic product, design and manufacture of moulds, thermoplastic injection, decoration of the pieces (rotary offset, pad printing and screen printing) and finally handling or assembling.


In plastic injection, the company has a very extensive machinery park that gives them great flexibility in manufacturing according to the characteristics of each product.


The values ​​that define as a company and as a human group are flexibility, customer orientation, innovation, specialization, quality, service and professionalism, always customer oriented.



Main services offered by the company:



Engineering at NGP Projects seeks to understand and respond to the requests of their clients. They work together with clients to find the middle ground between design, production, resources and costs.


Mould Making

They manufacture the moulds themselves to ensure the reliability of production. Controlling the development of the mould in their workshop is very important for the life of the project.



Since 1946, they have been dedicated to plastic injection. Their human team is specialized and in constant training to improve processes and to adapt to the demands of their clients.



Product decoration is a step after the manufacturing process. At NGP Projects, they offer the added value that generates the power to permanently decorate a product.



Handling or assembling is an essential part of their clients’ product in the industrialization process.

They offer assembling as an essential part of customer service, complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Sanitary Registration, and ISO-7 Clean Room regulations, as well as good manufacturing practices.



In April 2022 NGP Projects ask us to create a new web, in order to help them to sell the company itself in the new markets, to be more competitive and to explain, clearly, their services, in a visual way.


You can see the results at:


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