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A Personalized Campaign to improve Sales


Gomà-Camps is a very old family business group, so it was founded on 1758. With more than 260 years of history, it is one of the main players both in the Spanish and European markets.


The Gomà-Camps Group’s manufactures, processes and trades tissue paper and other similar products. The company works to anticipate the needs of a very changing market, offering solutions that respect the environment and are appreciated and valued by customers.


Innovation, vision of the future, and efforts to ensure continual improvement resulting in optimum resources and services have boosted the Group’s commercial expansion and productivity on an international level.


With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing recycling products, the company planned an ambitious goal to reach:

To lead the position in the professional channel, being the benchmark in the recycling segment: this means that people know, try and repeat product consumption.


Gomà-Camps has been manufacturing, for years, 2 brands in the professional recycling market:

  • NATURE: a brand of tissue products made from 100% recycled fiber; its characteristic brown color is due to the cellulose fibers present in cardboard containers that it is made from.
  • GC ECO: a brand of tissue products, made from 100% recycled fiber in white, manufactured from cellulose fibers present in the folios, which gives it its white color.

The company manufactures its own white and nature recycling, which ensures constant quality and control throughout the manufacturing process.


Some relevant topics to be considered, in the professional market:

  • +700 customers have been working with the GC ECO brand for years.
  • +66 certified references.
  • Product highly appreciated and valued by customers.
  • The word “recycled” has a pejorative meaning in many customers, since there is no defined standard and there is a lot of recycling of low recycling.
  • The recycled tissue from Gomà-Camps is one of the best in Europe: only 2 actors have similar technology to destint and purify recycled fiber (Wepa in Germany and Lucart in Italy).


In this context, the company decides that “GC ECO” will be replaced by “Ecologic +”, and we were selected to relaunch the brand in the professional market.


What did we do?


We worked on different aspects to help the Sales team with Folders and other materials (adhesives, abstracts and other documents for their clients) to improve the results of their sales activities; to help distributors with some promotional activities to improve sales results during all the year, consisting in some prizes to allow them to visit: the country with the cleanest air in the world (Finland); the largest evergreens and beech forest in southern Europe (Irati forest in Navarra) and the country with the purest water in Europe (Saint Anne Lake, in Romania); and to help clients with a website,, (the world greenest paper) with several sections talking about recycling and sustainability and its company’s point of view, the different recycled, ecological and certified brands and products, the relevance of having certified references, some recycled curiosities, and a very special 1min40” video!


But our work did not finish here… we launched a campaign to help the Sales team, with a very interesting Direct Marketing campaign:

We selected a sample of companies in Spain (from different activities: banks, retailers, beverage and food producers, hotels, large auditors… and from different geographic areas), among those that have more employees, in order to present to people in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility, our advances in sustainability and ecological awareness, and offering them the possibility of having ecologic paper in their dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, workshops…


And we did this with a totally personalized message, using for each company, data such as the volume of tissue paper consumed in one year, the Kg of recovered paper that this would mean, as well as the savings in CO2 and water at their own company, by using our paper.


Using data and Direct Marketing tools to help our planet, because “good planets are difficult to find…”.



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