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D.O. Somontano

The Somontano Wine Festival


Taking a cue from the essence of its etymology, the production area of Somontano covers the land “at the foot of the mountain”, on the plains of the Pyrenees in the province of Huesca, in the county that gives it its name.


The production area of the Somontano Designation of Origin is made up of three different zones: the ranges, the Somontano itself, and the plains. Its total area covers over 200,000 hectares, of which 100,000 are cultivated, and over 4,400 hectares of these with vineyards.


According to documents, in 500 BC grapevines were already being cultivated in the Ebro valley and in the 2nd century BC significant wine production was already underway in this area. One factor that has influenced the development of the cultivation of grapes and their sale was the settling of romans in the Somontano. They brought with them advanced grape producing and winemaking techniques.


In the middle ages, the cultivation of vineyards expanded to cover the entire province of Huesca. At the time, monasteries were an influential factor in the development of vineyards and were responsible for a marked increase in the planting of grapevines in their surroundings: wine, as a part of catholic rituals, was an essential product.


In the 19th century, the attack of phylloxera in French vineyards gave rise to an increase in wine production, sales, and exports in the county. And, during that century, the production of wine in Huesca was increasingly limited to the Somontano, thanks to the area’s specialization in production and the high quality of its wines.


In the 20th century, specifically in the 1960’s, the birth of the Somontano county cooperative of Sobrarbe, which brought together a large part of the grape producers in the region, paid testimony to the area’s commitment to quality grape production as an economic impetus in the area and represented the first steps towards the Somontano designation of origin, which would be approved in 1984. From that time, and especially since the 1990’s, the establishment of large business projects with sizable investments in the Somontano has placed Somontano wines among the best in the country.


Today, Somontano is seeing a historical time marked by the arrival of new wineries, the investment of capital, growth of production and sales, and recognition for the quality of its wines in some of the most prestigious specialized guidebooks and by the consumers themselves.


Its success is a consequence of all of this and of a joint effort by the grape producers, wineries and the regulatory council to offer wine lovers a unique, distinct product in which the land is more than an essential component, but also a first-rate tourist destination in itself.


The Somontano Designation of Origin has 15 grape varieties, both local and foreign, cultivated on over 4,000 hectares. These are the raw material from which excellent wines are made:

Cabernet-sauvignon, Tempranillo, Red Grenache, Moristel, Merlot, Syrah, Parraleta, Chardonnay, Macabeo, Alcañón, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, White Grenache, and Sauvignon Blanc.



The Festival “Vino Somontano”


Organized by the Consejo Regulador de la D.O. Somontano, the Festival offers the opportunity to enjoy a diverse cultural and gastronomic program, accompanied with Somontano wines.


The Festival takes part the first August week-end, from Thursday to Sunday: people can taste more than 100 different “tapas” made with local products and a large Somontano wines list; to visit some wineries and to enjoy music activities and other cultural events.



A campaign for 2019 Festival


This year, the Festival celebrates its 20thanniversary, and the Consejo Regulador decided to plan an special campaign to promote greater knowledge of the Festival among wine lovers in 3 areas near Huesca (Barcelona province, Madrid and the Basque Country), while ensuring that the Somontano Denomination of Origin target knew more and better the Somontano wines.


That’s why they asked us to help them to promote the Festival, that this year will take part during four days and nights, from August the 2ndto August 4th, among the referred targets.


At Essential MK we worked on a selected media campaign, which mainly consists on three spots for digital TV platforms, that allow us to segment the target by area, ages, wine interests…


People is addressed to a website, where they can register, in order to win a full long week-end for four people: hotel accommodation, wineries visits, lunchs at best region restaurants, and a Pass for the whole Festival!


The campaign also includes a social media activation strategy during June and July, with very creative daily posts on Facebook and Instagram…


Enjoy it at


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