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Sabadell is one of the largest banking groups in Spain’s financial system, founded in 1881 and listed in the IBEX 35.


Banco Sabadell operates in over 20 countries throughout the world and has commercial banks in Spain, the UK and Mexico.


Since its inception, Banco Sabadell has tried to help people and companies make their projects become a reality, anticipating their needs and caring for them to enable them to make the best economic decision. They have done this through responsible management and an unwavering commitment to the environment and to society.


Banco Sabadell’s business model focuses on customer service, digitisation, the strength and geographical diversification of their balance sheet, their solvency and on generating long-term value for their shareholders, their employees and society in general.


Banco Sabadell positioned itself as a buyer during the banking concentration process caused by the big financial crisis that erupted in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.


In Spain, the Bank acquired Banco Guipuzcoano (2010), Banco CAM (2011), the Catalonia and Aragon office network of the former Caixa Penedès (2012), Banco Gallego and Lloyds’ Spanish business (2013).


Additionally, the Bank began an ambitious internationalisation process that materialised with the acquisition of the British bank TSB in 2015 and the creation of a new bank in Mexico in 2016.


During these last ten years, the Bank has become one of the largest organisations in Spain’s financial system, tripling its size, geographically diversifying its business and multiplying its customer base by six – all while safeguarding its soundness and liquidity.


After this period, the Brand Department define the Brand Story, that, today is shared among all bank employees:


At Banco Sabadell they want to help people and companies bring their projects to life, anticipating their needs and taking care to ensure that they make the best economic decisions. They do this with conscientious, environmentally and socially responsible management practices, with the following Values:


  • Commitment
  • Non-conformism
  • Professionalism
  • Effectiveness
  • Empathy
  • Openness


That is why they made an inalienable decision. ESTAR.


On this context, the bank asks us to create a new site for the ESTAR platform, and the result is that you can see…




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