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Banca March

Mediterranean Fund.


After more than 90 years of existence, Banca March remain the only 100% family owned bank, which allows them not to be subject to the urgencies and market fluctuations suffered by listed entities and to be guided exclusively by the interests of their clients.


At Banca March, they are specialists in Private Banking and Business consultancy, with an unrivalled business model based on prudence and long-term relations.


The vocation of service and the closeness in the day-to-day management, attributes characteristic of the approach of a family business towards its customers, are an absolute priority for their team.


They have four generations of the March family at the helm of the Group, always being faithful to a management style based on prudence. They are specialized in seeking sustained profitability over time, minimizing market swings and ensuring the preservation of their clients’ assets.


Banca March is specialized in the management of assets of businessmen and family businesses managers, offering a comprehensive service.



What makes them different?


Their internationally recognized experience allows them to offer a differentiated advice and asset management service.


  • Transparency and commitment: they know that the best way to grow is by helping their customers grow. The ultimate expression of this commitment is their array of joint investment products, a range of assets in which they invest alongside their clients.
  • Closeness: the model of their advice is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of their customers and the close monitoring of their investments.
  • Experience: their management style, underpinned by prudence and rigor, has made them one of the most solvent banks in Europe, and they manage their clients’ assets in exactly the same way.
  • Differentiated offering of investment instruments: they combine an open architecture of third party products by offering differentiated products of their boutique manager: March Gestión.
  • Personalized Advice: managers advise their clients in a personalized manner. Their commitment is to create a lasting, trusting relationship with the client based on professionalism and quality of service.


On this situation, at the end of 2019, Banca March decides to launch a new Fund, but a very special one: The Mediterranean Fund.


A fund to invest in companies and sectors involved in economic activities related to the oceans, seas, water supply and water treatment within the 2030 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. Today, there are several funds in the market from other Fund Managers that invest in the water treatment but, Mediterranean Fund is the only fund that invests in ocean economy.


For those who don’t know, the ocean provides value in a large number of sectors, from food and tourism to transportation, coasts and many more and, ¡the equivalent of the annual gross domestic product of the sea, known as “Gross marine product” or GMP, would make the ocean the 7th largest economy on the planet!


Which sectors make up the economy of the ocean?


According to the European Commission, “all those sectors involved in economic activities related to the oceans, seas and coasts. This includes those directly or indirectly involved in the activities necessary for the operation of these sectors, which may be located anywhere, including landlocked countries.”


Within the economy of the sea, this fund will invest in companies that intrinsically require the sea and the oceans in their value-added processes and whose revenues linked to them represent more than 10% of the total.


After deciding to launch this new fund, Banca March ask us to prepare a Communication Strategy, to reach the following Objectives:


1. To create a differential communication Plan to position Mediterranean Fund as an innovative and attractive product and, at the at the same time, to help to drive Banca March as the reference company to grow responsibly and committed to sustainability of the planet.


2. To differentiate Banca March within the Private Banking sector and to strength the March A.M. image inside the Bank and its team. Mediterranean Fund offers the opportunity to differentiate the Bank from the rest of the Private Banking and Financial Institutions with a new product, linked to the essence of the brand, a bank with almost 100 years of history, proven solvency, and sustainability, which implies the impact on the society in general and on the environment in particular.


We addressed this Strategy to the Internal Public, with a special focus on the commercial team, private and equity banking Managers with high financial training, and a great knowledge of these products, in order to motivate and to create a pride of belonging among all of them.



We set the campaign in 2 moments:


  • A first phase with a Teaser campaign:
  • with an email addressed to all the team who was invited to assist at the presentation at Madrid headquarters.
  • and with an email addressed to all the team who was invited to follow the act with a video streaming.

We worked on 2 emails for each target, a first STD some days before the presentation and, another, the same day of the presentation.


  • And a second phase with the Follow-up campaign:
  • Some great vinyls at Madrid and Mallorca headquarters, very visible to all employees, and also some vinyls at elevators.
  • Some A2, A3 and A4 posters, to be exposed in different methacrylate supports.
  • Different sizes and designs for wallpapers on computers.
  • Special new email signatures.
  • More emails communicating the Fund launch and the relevance of all people to promote the Fund amongst clients, potentials…
  • Banners on the Bank Intranet.
  • Some merchandising elements for the team: designed bags, T-shirts, pencil holders
  • And finally, an email thanking all people their collaboration in the new launch success.


For all these communication elements, we used a very clear, differentiating, direct and with a focus on sustainability message.


The tone was elegant, respecting the positioning of Banca March, but at the same time innovative and groundbreaking.


The idea was that messages should last in time, in order to fit into our internal client, and that they touch their “social conscience”.



In addition to the internal campaign, we also worked on other external communications campaign:


  • Economic and general press.
  • Business Schools magazines.
  • Commercial materials and technical and economic supports for private banking managers.
  • Several digital elements: banners, web banners, rich media banners, emails, landing pages…
  • Several audiovisual elements: videos, key notes, reading desk, video screens, pop ups… for the three eventsthat took place at Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Valencia during November.

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