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Banca March

“Desacelerando antes de virar”



Banca March is the only 100% family-owned bank, which allows them not to be subject to the urgencies and market fluctuations suffered by listed entities and to be guided exclusively by the interests of their clients.


Founded on 1926, and after more than 90 years of existence, they are specialists in Private Banking and Business consultancy, with an unrivalled business model based on prudence and long-term relations.


They have four generations of the March family at the helm of the Group, always being faithful to a management style based on prudence. They are specialized in seeking sustained profitability over time, minimizing market swings and ensuring the preservation of their clients’ assets.


Banca March is specialized in the management of assets of businessmen and family businesses managers, offering a comprehensive service.



What makes them different?


Their internationally recognized experience allows them to offer a differentiated advice and asset management service.

  • Transparency and commitment
  • Closeness
  • Experience
  • Differentiated offering of investment instruments
  • Personalized Advice


One of their main attributes is the growth:

  • Growing in Confidence: The tranquility of being a client of one of the most solvent banks in Europe and with its own resources, core capital, which represent more than double the average of the Spanish banking sector.
  • Growing in a sustainable way: The commitment of Banca March and its shareholders is embodied in the requirement to preserve the assets of our clients thanks to prudent management and a long-term vision seeking sustained profitability over time.
  • Growing together: Banca March’s specialization model is based on the advice of Private and Business Banking. They have unique products such as co-investment, where clients can invest in the same investment vehicles or projects in which our shareholders invest.
  • Growing by taking firm steps: Banca March’s business model is unique and not replicable, it offers a superior quality of service and specialized advice from excellent professionals who work to preserve and grow their clients’ assets.


The Strategy Area of the bank asked us to prepare on 29th September, a digital meeting, to show to their clients some economical Perspectives for the end of 2022: “Desacelerando antes de virar”.


In this meeting, three bank managers present their economic perspectives and their vision of assets.


To communicate it to their clients and potential clients, the campaign has worked on several elements:

  • Banner on the Home
  • Banners on the commercial website
  • Page in various daily and economic press media
  • Email to clients differentiating various segments
  • Cover of the monthly House View


And all of them, but also the presentation has been worked as if we were in a F1 Circuit, reflecting some moments of Formula1 competition: preparing cars, red light before beginning the race, accelerations and brakes, turn around a curve, pit entry…


The work has included lot of digital animations in order to make a really special ambiance.



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Audio-visual, Digital, Event, Formula 1