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A sustainable Action to promote Sustainable Homes




AEDAS Homes is a new-generation real estate developer that offers apartments, houses, villas, ground floor flats with gardens, penthouses and new build duplexes designed for wellbeing and with environmentally friendly features and modern residential designs.


With one of the best land banks in Spain, they offer superior, sustainable homes in the most highly sought locations, from the Costa del Sol to Greater Madrid, encompassing Barcelona, ​​Seville, Mallorca and the Levante of the east coast.


They also offer high-end residential developments designed by the most outstanding architects, boasting an aesthetic that’s both modern and practical, and they create distinctive homes with their own style, giving attention to every detail while upholding a commitment to sustainable development. People enjoy its new home to the fullest.


Their Values:


  • Excellence. Excellence is always their goal, paying special attention to even the smallest of details.
  • Integrity. Their behaviour towards their customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees is always flawless, upright, precise and respectful.
  • Creativity. They solve the challenges they face, creatively, audaciously and in a positive way to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Passion. They are passionate about homes, and they love making people happy, so never settle for second best.
  • Resilience. They have the capability to overcome adversities and to adapt to change.



AEDAS homes aspires to be a 100% sustainable developer and shares the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the World Green Building Council. This non-profit organization aims for two major goals to be met by 2030 and 2050.


In 2030, the goal is a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions related to the productions of materials and total emissions during the lifetime of buildings.


In 2050, the goal is a 100% reduction of such emissions both in production and construction and in the lifetime use of the building.


At AEDAS Homes, they are striving to become a benchmark in sustainability in the property development sector and they are taking decisive steps in this direction.


They are convinced that society and big corporations must commit to the future of our planet and that the real estate development industry must become an advocate of clean activity in the short and medium term, fostering a change in the building model.


In the new AEDAS Homes properties, they apply multiple sustainability criteria, and they want to share them with clients, so they can appreciate and enjoy them right from one day.


Today, AEDAS Homes is working on a couple of projects in a city with early 220,000 inhabitants, in the Metropolitan Barcelona Area, in the Vallès Occidental comarca: Terrassa.


The present projects, Sirani and Vernet are going to be sold on May 2022, and at Essential MK we were asked to help them to create some promotional actions, according to their sustainable and with environmentally friendly features buildings.


We proposed them to do a local campaign, in the same city of Terrassa, where AEDAS Homes wanted to announce the 2 new promotions. The campaign consisted of using a very clean and sustainable medium: a bicycle that dragged a 2 x 1.3m fence, backlit, so we could use it by day and by night.


In addition, as it is a bicycle, it could be used in the many pedestrian areas of the city, where most of our target is concentrated, as these are commercial areas, which are very busy throughout the day.


The slowness of the bicycle and the low location of the fence it carries, also allows people to easily see and read its contents, whether they are walking, sitting, or driving a car.


The campaign lasted 4 weeks, concentrated in 4 days of the week: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday’s afternoons, and the whole day on Saturdays.


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