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We convert users into customers. We are specialists in marketing strategies and digital strategies.
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Some companies do not have a marketing department, or for some reason they might need senior marketing management on an intermittent and/or limited basis.

We deliver this service which does not involve a fixed cost, with the advantage of having to hand a range of professionals with experience in multiple sectors and types of enterprises who think independently and are committed to results.


The current economic situation means marketing departments are becoming overwhelmed, and this can hold back projects that are crucial for the company’s growth. At Essential MK we see to these key marketing projects as if we were part of the organisation without entailing a fixed cost, with full flexibility and matchless expertise and engagement.

We believe that marketing is a key factor in driving business in companies and these projects should not be given up due to lack of internal resources.


We develop Digital Marketing Strategies and advise our clients in order to enhance its presence and take advantage of business opportunities in the digital world.

We focus on providing solutions to the challenges that businesses have to manage tools and opportunities offered by the Internet, from online strategic advice to the development and implementation of these strategies in day to day business.

We help our clients on the business digital transformation as the opportunity to incorporate new technologies but, specially, new business logics in order to make business more efficient: once we detect opportunities on the digital environment, we define the strategic action plans, and we organize the activity to measurable results.


We integrate business, marketing strategies and Technology to design innovative strategies, projects and programs, to launch more personalized marketing campaigns. That’s why we manage the information and we help our clients to improve their customers knowledge and their behaviour patterns, with data analysis to reach a predictive focus.

What means to be faithful? What do we require from a faithful person? Where is the secret of faithfulness? Faithfulness is a target, or is the result of a successful relationship? How can we strengthen the bond with our customers? How can we strengthen our brand image? How can we increase the frequency of visit or purchase from our customers? How can we turn them into brand prescribers?

To answer all these questions we develop Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Projects and Programs, from the initial definition of the strategic objectives, to the business concept strategy and pillars that will underpin the program.

We consider the approach and comprehensive definition of the target as key elements, so the segmentation, the analysis and information management, the technological solution (infrastructure, software, developments and reporting), the definition of logistics processes and action plans and communication cycles for different target audiences are basic elements to work on the project.


Very often, beyond the objectives set at the commercial level, the success of a campaign, an internal project, a new product or a new marketing channel launching, can go through specially engaging from target audience, either internal (sales network, agents or brokers…), and external.

And this is where we participate and collaborate in achieving the ultimate goals we propose: from planning, design and strategic and creative development of the program, the objectives definition, levels of effort, and coordination, monitoring and management, either on online platforms, or corporate intranets.