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Javier de Riba’s patterned floors establish vibrant gathering spaces.

Javier de Riba’s patterned floors establish vibrant gathering spaces for public use.



Catalan artist Javier de Riba brings the cosiness of home outdoors with his ongoing Floors Project. Made possible with the help of the local community, the collaborative endeavour involves painting a specially designed motif onto the concrete or pavers that line walkways and city squares.


Each intervention serves several purposes, including adding colour to an otherwise grey setting, connecting locals to the artist and each other through art making, and establishing a welcoming gathering space during an urban environment.


De Riba has completed five of the carpets so far, four in Spain and one in Shenzen, China. He’s traveling to Breda, The Netherlands, this June to collaborate with Blind Walls Gallery on the largest work yet, which will span approximately 400 square feet.




Grace Ebert for ThisisColossal.com. February 2023.


Matthew Grabelsky’s uncanny subway paintings

Commuters go wild in Matthew Grabelsky’s uncanny subway paintings



Urbanites know the subway is a prime location to spot the city’s oddities, and yet, a run-in with one of Matthew Grabelsky’s characters would be a particularly wild encounter. The Los Angeles-based artist has spent the last few years rendering human-animal hybrids that nonchalantly ride public transit. Sometimes snacking on a cracker or brushing up on some reading, the characters are surreal, uncanny additions to an otherwise mundane scene.


Grabelsky’s newest oil paintings, which are currently on view as part of Riders at The Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale, California, are hyperrealistic and laced with witty details like earlier works in the series. Set on the New York City Subway and London Tube, the portraits are narrative-driven and embedded with pop culture references. The artist shares:


“My goal is to create the effect of looking at a scene on the subway as if it were a diorama at a natural history museum. The images present richly detailed moments frozen in time allowing the viewer to closely inspect every element and make connections between them to read an overall story. In this world, people are transformed into part-animal to create scenes that are strange, funny, and endearing.”



Grace Ebert for ThisisColossal. February 2023