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Acrobatic Birds mid-air

In Flight: Dramatic Photographs by Mark Harvey capture acrobatic Birds mid-air


Throughout lockdown in the United Kingdom, Mark Harvey, who is known for his striking equine and canine photography, shifted his focus to the avian creatures gliding above his home in the Norfolk Broads.

Now part of a series titled In Flight, the exquisitely detailed shots frame common birds—including magpies, blue tits, starlings, goldfinches, great tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits, and green finches—in otherwise unseen poses: some splay out an entire wingspan, while others wrap their feathers around the front of their torsos.


Hearkening back to the methods of famed birdwatcher Victor Hasselblad, Harvey employed similar techniques to capture the dramatic shots. He used a slow, medium format with the same camera Hasselblad manufactured for the outdoor endeavor, taking just one image at a time.



This article was published on ThisisColossal, on October 2020, by Grace Ebert


2021 Best Bird Photographer of the Year

Shots of Snuggling Swans and Ravenous Shags Best The 2021 Bird Photographer of the Year Contest



This year’s Bird Photographer of the Year contest highlights a variety of avian adventures from a mallard duckling chasing a fly and an impatient shag to a hamerkop ruthlessly tossing a toad in the air.


Now in its sixth year, the annual competition released a selection of finalists this week from more than 22,000 entries spanning 73 countries that capture a range of playful, intimate, and sometimes merciless moments.


2021’s winners will be announced in September.





This article was published in This is Colossal, on April 2021, by Grace Ebert.

Minuscule Scenes

Minuscule Scenes appear against the Backdrop of used Tea Bags in Watercolor Paintings



From her studio in Coxsackie, New York, Ruby Silvious repurposes the thin paper pouches holding her beverage of choice into miniature canvases.


Sometimes strung together or ripped to remove the leaves, Silvious’s tea bags depict the quiet, unassuming moments of everyday life: Passersby trudge through the snow, masks hang to dry, and two women meet for a swim on the naturally dyed backdrops.


The artist generally keeps the string and tag attached, matching the mundane subject matter with the material’s ritualistic origins.


Silvious is working on a book and is preparing for upcoming solo shows in France, Germany, and Japan.


Follow her soothing works on Instagram.



This article was published in ThisisColossal, on December 2020, by Grace Ebert.

The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Life throughout Asia

The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Life throughout Asia



Traveling from his home in Tokyo to cities and small villages across Asia, Ryosuke Kosuge is adept at spotting the textures and patterns that occupy local life, whether through the rocky formations surrounding Heaven’s Gate Mountain in Zhangjiajie, an array of birdcages created by a woman in Guizhou, or the wires crisscrossing a market in Nanning.


His arresting images approach everyday moments from a place of curiosity and display the beauty and wonder inherent in both natural and urban environments. The photographer, who works as RK, tells Colossal that he chooses destinations based on the specific mood he hopes to convey, although sometimes those decisions are spurred by a personal desire to experience local customs and cuisine.


You can follow his travels on Instagram.



This article is from Thisis Colossal, March 10, 2021. Grace Ebert

A “Snowflake Camera” that captures the extraordinary details of Snow Crystals

Billions of tiny crystals with individual grooves and feathered offshoots


It’s easy to forget that the mounds of snow lining sidewalks each winter actually are comprised of billions of tiny crystals with individual grooves and feathered offshoots. A trio of photographs taken by Nathan Myhrvold, though, serves as a stunning reminder of that fact as they expose the intricacies hidden within each molecule.


To capture such crisp images, the Seattle-born photographer traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska, and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, where temperatures plunged to –20 °F. “Water, an incredibly familiar thing to all of us, is quite unfamiliar when you see it in this different view. The intricate beauty of snowflakes is derived from their crystal structure, which is a direct reflection of the microscopic aspects of the water molecule,” he says.


Formally trained in physics, Myhrvold spent 18 months building a custom camera with a cooled-stage microscope to ensure that the flakes remained frozen as he shot. Short-pulse, high-speed LED lights reduce the heat the instrument emits, and at a minimum, its shutter speed clocks in at 500 microseconds.


Myhrvold says it’s the highest-resolution snowflake camera in existence.



This content is an article published in Colossal, in November 2020, by Grace Ebert. 

Elegant Eats and Bread-Based Fare Form Quirky Interventions

Elegant eats and bread-based fare form quirky interventions in Jill Burrow’s photographs



From her home in Kansas City, Missouri, photographer Jill Burrow composes elegant dining tableaus captured in the fleeting light of golden hour. Complete with floral arrangements and unusual additions,  Burrow’s fare distinctly exhibits the artistic potential of a simple meal when presented in unorthodox settings.


Her shadow-filled images frame a picnic spread hanging from a washline, a humble breakfast submerged in water, and a quirky still life of bread-based cookware.


Although she’s adept at transforming a simple piece of toast into a dandelion-studded canvas, Burrow’s forays into cooking and baking are recent. “I have always enjoyed cooking but never felt a creative connection to it, so when I started creating art and creative sets I realized how diverse and creative food is. Food is already so vibrant and full of life and pleasure, and it is quite easy to transform and change into unexpected works of art,” she says.


Ultimately, Burrow hopes her sculpted butters and arranged berries convey an alternate vision for understanding life. “My main goal is to create a world where people who don’t have the typical brain might feel stimulated and inspired. I have always seen the world differently,” she says.



This content is an article published in Colossal, in October 2020, by Grace Ebert.

Flocks of Starlings Swell Above the Danish Marshlands

Black Sun: Amorphous flocks of Starlings swell above the Danish marshlands



Captured in the marshlands of southern Denmark, Soren Solkaer’s ongoing project documents one of nature’s most mesmerizing phenomena.


BLACK SUN focuses on the quiet landscapes of the Danish photographer’s childhood where nearly one million starlings congregate during the vernal and autumnal seasons. Set at dusk, the photographs frame the migratory birds as they take to the sky in murmurations, amorphous groups that transform the individual creatures into a unified entity.


The fluctuating flight patterns swell above the horizon as the birds move from tree to tree or sometimes, in response to an impending threat. “Now and then, by the added drama of attacking birds of prey, the flock will unfold a breathtaking and veritable ballet of life or death,” Solkær says, further comparing their airborne appearance to inky sketches or calligraphy. He expands on the starlings’ adaptability:


At times the flock seems to possess the cohesive power of super fluids, changing shape in an endless flux: From geometric to organic, from solid to fluid, from matter to ethereal, from reality to dream—an exchange in which real-time ceases to exist and mythical time pervades. This is the moment I have attempted to capture—a fragment of eternity.


BLACK SUN culminates in a forthcoming book by the same name, which will be released November 16 and is available for pre-order in SOLKAER’S SHOP, along with prints and some of his other works.


You can follow the photographer on Instagram to keep up with his phenomenological projects.



This content is an article published in Colossal, in November 2020, by Grace Ebert.