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Vintage Typewriters are reassembled into amazing metallic Bird Sculptures

Vintage Typewriters are reassembled into amazing metallic Bird Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer



Jeremy Mayer challenges the notion that typewriters’ creative output is confined to the written word.


The artist scours shops and trash bins near his Bay Area studio for analogue processors in disrepair that he then disassembles, sorts, and reconstructs into metallic sculptures.


His previous works include symmetrical assemblages, anatomical recreations, and an ongoing series of birds, the most recent of which are shown here.


Mayer builds every piece solely from original parts rather than soldering or gluing, and some sculptures, including the black crow with a Corona-brand typewriter logo on its back, feature spring-like components that allow the creatures to bob their heads.


Mayer is currently at work on a few large-scale reliefs, a kinetic lotus, skull, and additional birds, and you can follow updates and news about purchasing pieces on his Instagram.




By Grace Ebert, on, June 2022. 

Pudgy, curious, and drowsy Pups

A massive volume compiles five decades of the Pudgy, curious, and Drowsy Pups in Walter Chandoha’s Photographs



Dubbed the 20th century’s greatest pet photographer, the late Walter Chandoha was renowned for capturing the unique personalities of furry companions.


From black-and-white candid shots to those posed in the studio, Taschen’s new volume, Dogs, compiles five decades worth of capricious, curious, and playful pups. The 296-page book is a sequel to Cats, which similarly collected hundreds of the iconic photographer’s images, and is edited by Reuel Golden.


In his early years, Chandoha served as a combat photographer during World War II. He went on to be prolific across mediums, having written dozens of books and captured more than 225,000 images during his lifetime, many of which were used in magazines and advertisements.



By Grace Ebert, on , September 2020. 

Over 100 young Crocodiles find refuge on their father’s back

Over 100 young Crocodiles find refuge on their father’s back in India’s Chambar River



The gharial, a large crocodile with a distinctive bulge on its snout, is critically endangered in the wild, with researchers counting only a few hundred individuals in 2017.


Living primarily in the rivers of Nepal and India, the scaly reptiles saw a rapid decline since the 1930s due to overfishing and loss of habitats from sand mining and dams, and biologists estimate the population has dwindled to only two percent.


Thanks to the National Chambal Sanctuary, though, which is home to a substantial group of gharials, the species is growing.


Photographer and conservationist Dhritiman Mukherjee visited the enclave southeast of New Dehli a few years ago where he captured striking images of a father swimming through the murky river with more than 100 young clinging to his back. Measuring 16 to 17 feet long, the male likely was carrying the offspring from 7 to 8 female gharials, which lay anywhere from 20 to 95 eggs each year.


“Some breeding programs [and rerelease in the wild] have taken place in the Chambal. So, that’s why I selected the subject so that it gets attention from policymakers or concerned people,” Mukherjee told PetalPixel.


The Kolkata-based photographer often travels to document wildlife around the world and is headed back to the sanctuary this month.




By Grace Ebert, on , May 2022.